The art of Melania has an obvious soul. A soul that is constantly evolving. A soul that invites to interconnection and introspection. the kind of soul which is seeking balance far beyond the generally accepted parameters.

You want to go back to the works of the artist, perhaps from that need to confirm thoughts that have not yet been formed in a coherent way. You come back because that's how you can try to define the universe which just opened to your eyes, a space that becomes personal, where everything can be defined.

Compositions that breathe in the same rhythm as the viewer, capturing the attention the changes in style and technique, the avalanche of information being felt in the final harmony of the meaningful message.

The nonconformity of the artist is transmitted by the physical weight of the compositions, their texture and the vibrations of the colors.

Imperfection must be seen as a direct response to nature regarding balance. Imperfection is not an antonym of perfection, but an integral part of it. Imperfection is the natural balance of the human being. The canvas speaks constantly with the viewer, there is a dialogue cultivated by Melania, in every ink, symbol, line and point embedded in the texture of the shutters. Melanie's canvas are talking.

Each composition in part has the narrative thread of thoughts that link a story. The canvas communicates to a higher level with man, inviting to a real opening, soul and mind, a permanent incitement to return and introspection.

The whispers of the canvas hold the truth of our soul. Through them, every unthinking thought is put in sight, with that humble care that only the Creator understands.