The Mission

Empowering people means having understanding for the soul essence of your business, the knowing of the Source of your inner intention. Empowering is about Seeing and Loving the center of your Being, the Creator and the manifestation of the Purpose.
Empathy is understanding people at a level of emotional truth. Figuring out what matters most to them. For a brand that wants to matter to people, there is no substitute for empathy.

We cannot create without emotions. We cannot feel without feelings. We cannot build without essence. 

We are the same with our feelings, emotions, thoughts and actions. We are not the mask, as we are not our clothes and costumes. We are what and how our soul self is.
Let’s be that.
Let’s BE as The SELF knows to BE.



“We are all magical into the eyes of the Creator.”

Monica-Elena Leșan



Evolve by understanding the real Source of your inner believes. Become the Power to change the world, the people, the society. Embrace the Soul Purpose of you being Here & Now!

Don't be a Super EGO. Dare to Be The Self. Dare to Be Awake. DARE TO BE THE "I"

Working with Monica was like seeing the light for the first time. A beautiful measured made universe that I held inside myself all my life, was brought to life with that touch of love of hers.​
HR Manager
What most i love about working with Monica is her honest dedication to each project she accepts. Not just dedicated to hard work, but the joy of working each project. Getting the joy and beauty out of each aspect.

what's your real story?

Real stories have a great impact over human society, bringing Authenticity and Awareness to the Brand.

Are You ready to write your real story?! YES you are!

Are You ready to reconnect with your inner truth? YES!

Are You willing to see your idea unfold? YES!

So then…


The passion of your soul defines the mission of your business.

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    The story is simple: We cannot create without emotions. We cannot feel without feelings. We cannot build without essence.

    Shift the powerless mindset and accept the greatness of the divine self that experience life. 

    The brand of I Am is a legacy of the daily struggle.

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